Add a Front  or Side Cabinet makers Vise to your New Bench!.
This addition brings the your bench to a higher level of performance.
Large Vise is Not Recommended for 24" x 48" Benches
We'll add bench dog holes to your specification upon request at no charge.

Price includes Custom installation,
Custom finished "Hand Made" Maple wooden Jaws, and Oak Handle.
This is a High Quality Veritas 19 1/4 x 10 1/4" vise made of Cast Iron and Heavy Duty steel.

Depending on the size or your order the Vise jaw may Ship separately at no charge.

Please Note: To Date there are no vises of this style available that are made here in the U.S.A. Until one becomes available we can
only offer imports. If you know of a Start-Up company offering this style, Please let us know!
Standard Cabinet Makers Vise
Vise Placement
Made in Romania

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American, Benches & Work Tables, Charleston, SC
Vise Fully Assembled custom applied with
Custom Maple Butcher Block Jaws and Oak
Our Standard Bench Dog Layout for basic
projects available upon request when vise
is purchased.
simple on-off cam lever to engage or
disengage the Acme-threaded screw,
allowing it to apply up to 400 lb of force in
either clamping or spreading applications.
The screw mechanism provides 12-1/4" of
overall travel (less the thickness of your
wooden jaw and bench apron). Tight body
tolerances result in minimal jaw sag, even at
full extension. An extruded aluminum screw
cover keeps debris out of the screw
mechanism and prevents the workpiece from
contacting the lubricated screw.
Quick Release Cabinet Makers Vise
Vise Placement:
Made in Canada
Veritas® round bench dogs are made from solid brass rod and
can be installed in any bench by drilling a 3/4" hole. Brass
dogs are non-corroding and kind to your tools. The
combined crosshatching and 2° inward slope of the face
hold wood securely.

The side spring lets the dog slide smoothly, but holds it
well at any desired projection.
The Bench Pups® (at 2-3/8") are fine for benches with tops up
to 2" thick and ideal for bench sides.
At Least 2 Pair are
suggested per vise.